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Book: “Hob Betuchen! Have Hope! Dora...

Book: “Hob Betuchen! Have Hope!  Dora Reym’s Memories of the Holocaust Time.”
“My thoughts return tothe dark hole of the bunker, where the three of us were cramped together for seven long days and nights, with only enough food and water for a day or two, terrified of being discovered and killed. How could a five-year-old child understand, accept, and obey under such inhuman conditions? How could she control her fear, [...]

Zachor Zaglembie Journey

Zachor Zaglembie Journey
Zachor Zaglembie Journey – מסע הזכרון לציון 75שנה לחיסול גיטאות זגלמביה July/August 2018 Thank you so much! Dear Friends! We hope that this visit will remain memorable to you and your families for a long time, and that you have found what you were looking for, in the land of your ancestors. We, at the Brama Cukermana, were profoundly [...]

Jewish Będzin. City map – memor...

Jewish Będzin. City map – memorials
We have created Będzin’s plan, where you can find information about the Jewish past of the city. There are stories of people, institutions – schools, hospitals, offices, but also enterprises, factories, workshops … 120 stops. This is the first such study of the history of Jews from Będzin. Download JEWISH BĘDZIN. City map – memorials. The au [...]

A “brick” to Shimshon Jas...

A “brick” to Shimshon Jashvitz
On 8.09.2017, during the Sabbath in the Cukierman prayer house, we geave the first “brick” – a statuette for the friends of our foundation. A brick statuette from Bedzin will be handed over to the special people associated with our foundation. It is an expression of appreciation and gratitude for friendship, faith, support [...]


 Photograph by Izabela Tumas PROJECT: RETROSPECTIONS Project: RETROSPECTIONS is a series of meetings with the Jewish history of Bedzin and other cities of Zaglebie region. Historical facts, objects, artifacts, literary notes, testimonies will guide us into the past. The purpose of the project is to recall the memory of the past – forgo [...]

Jewish cemetery in Będzin

Jewish cemetery in Będzin
This year in june we were planning to organize a 7 days cleaning and renovation workshop with volontiers on Jewish cemetry on Castle Hill in Będzin (podzamcze street) and Jewish cemetry in Żarki. Workshops were going to be conducted by one of the best experts in Poland on old gravestones preservation – Szymon Modrzejewski (Magurycz asso [...]

Stories behind pictures

Stories behind pictures
Prof. Jacek Leociak once said – people who discover collections of previously unknown photographs become “accoucheuse of memory”. Photography preserve images, gestures, style and mood of people portrayed. Photographic paper is more durable than life. The book entitled “Jewish Żarki. Lost photographs” was released [...]

Promoting meeting in Żarki

Promoting meeting in Żarki
Welcome for promotion meeting of book “Jewish Żarki. Lost photographs”. 25th od April 2017, 6 p.m. Cultural Center in Żarki (former synagogue), 5 Ofiar Katynia str.  During the meeting we will talk about the future of collection of Józef Bacior’s photographs. There will be chance to speak with Józef Bacior’s grandson, [...]

Renovation of plaque from former Będz...

Renovation of plaque from former Będzin ghetto
 1947. We are very proud to announce that yesterday – 9th of March 2017, memorial plaque from the building at Podsiały 24 in Bedzin has returned on the wall after restoration. The plaque was mounted on September 1947 at the place of the bunker of the Jewish resistance in Bedzin getto where young people from Dror and Poalei Sion C.S. org [...]

where you can buy “Jewish Żarki...

where you can buy “Jewish Żarki. Lost photographs”
Album of Brama Cukermana Foundation Jewish Żarki. Lost photographs with unique a collection of unpublished photos Jozef Bacior is already on sale. The album includes texts: -Karolina and Piotr Jakoweńko – Preface from publisher (story of collection of photos) -Jacek Leociak – Foreword (about the importance of photography as a doc [...]

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