Since the year 2013, we have been organising and conducting educational classes for students of middle and secondary schools as part of educational project ‘Cheder. The space of social education’*.  Our major goal is to arouse young people’s interest in the exciting, multicultural history of the city they live in, to stimulate their attitudes towards tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity.

The classes are held in the monumental interior of the former Jewish House of Prayer in the Cukerman’s Gate and in the area of the city of Będzin, where numerous memorabilia of Jewish community may be discovered.

In is our intention to increase the social awareness of the youth, to develop their local patriotism, tolerance and cultural openness.
Amongst the subject matters of the classes one may find the issues concerning multiculturalism of the region, the local history, tolerance, anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust. It would also seem relevant to mention that several documentary materials as well as archive statements of some ‘witnesses of history’ are presented during the classes.

* the notion CHEDER – from Hebrew, indicates a Jewish school for boys. The very reference in the name of the project is connected with the areas the classes are being held. Strictly speaking, the areas associated with Jewish culture, where classes for Jewish children used to be held before the war. Hence, the project ‘Cheder. The space of social education’ constitutes an attempt of recovery and revival of these places. The goal we are striving to is the restoration their onetime, prewar, educational status, without the pristine religious character.