In the year 2013 the Cukerman’s Gate Foundation published a report on the condition of Jewish cemeteries within the Silesian district. In actual fact, in the area of Silesia, there are 65 Jewish necropoles , but sadly, in 23 of them, not even a one tombstone have survived. As much as 51 necropoles belong to the State Treasury, and as it transpires – these are mostly unkempt. Merely 5 of the cemeteries are constantly used for the interment purposes.
The title of the report – Our Cemeteries – is to be understood as an appeal to both, the local authorities and the society, to perceive the unquestionable issue of the forsaken, historical Jewish necropoles located in their surroundings. For every effort should be made to protect them and appreciate them as a part of our cultural inheritance.
The entire report may be downloaded here.