The Cukierman Family

Reb Nuchim (Nuchym/Nachum) Cukierman (Cukerman) (~1856-1929) – was a Będzin public activist, a merchant, the owner of storehouses and a candle factory. He was the landlord of the tenement house situated in 24 Sławkowska Street (presently 24 Kołłątaja Avenue) alongside with all its appurtenances – since the end of the 19th century until his death. As a merchant and the owner of a haberdashery and colonial goods storehouse, he became listed as a second guild member.

Cukierman was also the founder of a candle factory, which employed 6 workmen in 1913, and in 1920 – 5 ones. In the year 1915 the manufacture of the factory amounted 6600 roubles.
Another fact is that he owned a telephone – as one of the few within the area.
The archival references indicate him to be a member of the board of the Philantrophy Association until the 20s of the 20th century (founded on July 24th 1899 with the Piotrkowski Governor’s consent, and called the Aid For the Poor of the Mosaic Faith Association since 1909).
He was responsible for providing garments, victuals, shelter and – if necessary – granting financial assistance for the needy, who were unable to make a living.
It is worth mentioning that he also handed over a hall room for the Ahavat Chesed Organisation, which was engaged in providing a complimentary lodging house and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1938.
Since the year 1910, Cukierman was both, the co-founder and member of the Mutual Credit Association of Będzin (founded in 1910, with its headquarters in 23 Sławkowska Street – subsequently – Kołłątaja Avenue – the tenement house has been demolished).
He was also the representative of the board of directors of the Jewish denominational communion in Będzin.
In the year 1877, Cukierman married Rywka (nee Żmigrod), who was born, in all probability, on November 14th, 1858 in Będzin, to the numerous family of 22-year-old Manuel (Emanuel) and 20-year-old Liby (nee Plawner), who got married in the year 1857 in Żarki.
Nuchim Cukierman died aged 72, on May 28th, 1929 (18 Iyar 5689) and was buried in Jewish Będzin-Czeladź cemetery (15R, the tombstone inscription is in Polish language).
His wife –  Rywka – died during the Nazi extermination. From among eleven of their children – merely five survived the war. At present, the descendants of the Cukierman family dwell throughout the world – in Israel, Sweden, the USA and South America. Some of them eagerly visit Będzin.

During the interwar period, the Cukierman’s tenement house used to be:
A dispensary storehouse – ran by J. B. Misiórski
A printing-office – ran by Zajdner Majer
A jewellery store – of Rywka Olszewska
An Iron hardware storehouse – belonging to brothers Ruciński – Czesław, Józef and Konstanty
The Jewish Association of Mutual Support ‘Ahavat Chesed’
‘Esper’ Ltd. – the Technical and Mercantile Society
‘Gordonia’ – the Zionist Youth Movement