!_Hob Betuchen_okładka

“My thoughts return tothe dark hole of the bunker,

where the three of us were cramped together for seven long days and nights, with only enough food and water for a day or two, terrified of being discovered and killed.

How could a five-year-old child understand, accept, and obey under such inhuman conditions?

How could she control her fear, her tears, her hunger, her thirst?

How was all this possible?

The Blumenkranc and Rembiszewski families had strong ties to Będzin.  One family produced fruit syrups on Modrzejowska Street, and the other had a textile store on the Old Market Square.  Families that lived in the town for generations and, along with thousands of other Jews, helped create the life of pre-war Będzin.  Their story was brutally ended by World War II and the annihilation of more than three million Polish Jews.  Forty-six members of the Blumenkranc and Rembiszewski families were murdered during the Holocaust.  Dora Rembiszewska (later Reym) survived, as did her husband Moniek and their little girl Mirusia.

Thirty years after the war, Dora wrote down what she experienced in the darkest days of her life, honoring those who were murdered and leaving us her shattering and unique testimony.

We invite you to a meeting where we will present the first complete edition of Dora Reym’s memoir,

Hob Betuchen! Have Hope!  Dora Reym’s Memories of the Holocaust Time.”

 At this gathering we will introduce the book, talk about the history of its creation and the Polish edition, and show a unique collection of paintings and drawings by Dora Reym. The meeting will include the screening of a film, Diamonds in the Snow,by Dora Reym’s daughter, Mirusia, today Prof. Mira Reym BinfordThe 1994 film presents the story of three of Będzin’s Jewish children, one of them Mirusia herself, who were rescued and protected by good people.  In the film we can see Będzin streets of the 1990s and you may recognize people you know, residents of the city, who accompanied the filmmaker during the shooting.  You can see a two-minute clip from the film at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NseEkKTGPFA

Copies of the book will be distributed during the meeting, which has been organized in cooperation with the Society of Friends of Będzin.

The publication is co-financed by the Self-government of the Silesian Voivodeship

Publisher: Fundacja Brama Cukermana
Publication edited by Prof. Mira Reym Binford
The meeting will be conducted by: Karolina Jakoweńko, Dr. Aleksandra Namysło, Piotr Jakoweńko
The book’s cover features a self-portrait by Dora Reym, oil on canvas

„Hob betuchen! Miej nadzieję! Wspomnienia Dory Reym z czasów Holokaustu”
14 March 2019, 5-7 PM
Municipal and County Public Library
Pl. Prof. W. Wójcika 1