Zachor Zaglembie Journey – מסע הזכרון לציון 75שנה לחיסול גיטאות זגלמביה

July/August 2018

Thank you so much! Dear Friends!

We hope that this visit will remain memorable to you and your families for a long time, and that you have found what you were looking for, in the land of your ancestors. We, at the Brama Cukermana, were profoundly honored to be of help in your individual and collective search. We spend a truly meaningful time both assisting and sharing these moments with you.

A very special thanks is due to Rina Kahan, Shimshon Jashvitz, Menachem Rosensaft, Daphna Eldar, Dov Pnini, Rafi Yahalomi, Henri Lustiger-Thaler, Jeffrey Cymbler and other friends, too many to list here, who’s dedication and passion, made this trip so successful.

Thank-you to all our dear old and new friends for the strength of your engagement and the resolve and commitment you have shown for the Jewish history of the Zaglembie region. Thank-you for sharing your moving family stories, your laughter and tears, your encouragement, faith, inspiration, and not least, your support and understanding of our challenging memorial work in Zaglembie.

Our sole mission and focus are to commemorate the lost history of Zaglembie Jewry. This is important for many global constituencies: the international Zaglembie community which you represent; Jewish and non-Jewish people of good will around the world, and Polish citizenry of all ages. The time is now upon us to do more to honor the precious memories of your families and the Jewish culture which existed in this region. Together we can achieve this noble and necessary goal.

If you believe that work we do at the Brama Cukermana Foundation is important to you, we humbly ask for your support. Our strength has been nourished and renewed by your presence in Zaglembie. Our continued work is only possible with your support. 

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Thank-you once again and we hope to see each other soon again!

Brama Cukermana Foundation:
Karolina Jakoweńko, Piotr Jakoweńko,
Andrzej Ciepał, Grzegorz Onyszko, Aleksandra Namysło

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