born 8. October 1921, Będzin
died 17. August 1987, Tel Aviv
lived in Będzin, ul. Małachowskiego 10 / Germany / Israel
Auschwitz prisoner, where she played in the orchestra 

She attended Fürstenberg Gymnasium and was a member of a Zionist youth movement Hanoar Hacijoni. On 3. August 1943 she and his father were deported to Auschwitz. Thanks to the support of her brother’s fiancée she joined the famous female camp orchestra, playing the mandolin (the orchestra was conducted by a famous violinist Alma Rosé in the A-Lager – block 12). Belonging to the orchestra rescued women, as it guaranteed employment indoors in much better conditions. The camp she was helping her brother (Beniek Dow Zelmanowicz), which, however, on 7. October 1944 was executed for taking part in the Sonderkommando rebellion. 

On November 2, 1944 Jewish women from the orchestra were transported by train to the camp of Bergen-Belsen which was liberated on 15. April 1945. In May, Rachel with a group of friends set off to Erec Israel. On 15. January 1946 in Celle (Germany) she married Raphael Gerszon Olewski (1914-1981). On April 3, 1949 they and their daughter immigrated to Israel, where their son was born.