born 14. August 1896, Będzin
died 1919, Lithuania
lived in Będzin, Góra Zamkowa 28 (no. 28 Castle Montain)(Kirul’s House) member of Polish Legions, hero field medic, soldier of Polish Army

Member of Polish Legions in World War I from Będzin

He was a tinsmith by profession. He enlisted the Polish Legions the day after his 18th birthday, on the 15. August 1914. He served in the 1. Regiment of the 1. Brigade as a corporal corpsman. He took part in more than 30 battles. When the 5. Regiment of the Legions under the command of Józef Piłsudski fought a fierce battle near Przepiórów in Sandomierskie region on 23-24. May 1915, he, as a commanding officer of a medic patrol, carried wounded future general Józef Haller from the battlefield under heavy enemy fire. On 18. July 1915 he carried mortally wounded Sergeant A. Satkowski from the battlefield, despite being wounded himself.

In the battle of Wielki Miedwież in Wołyń from between 2. and 15. November 1915 he served as field corpsman, treating the wounded without rest. This feat was awarded with Virtuti Militari 5th class medal.

He died on the battlefield during the Lithuanian campaign of the Polish-Soviet war. He was posthumously