born 7. July 1891, Będzin
lived in Będzin, Bóżnicza Street

Member of Polish Legions in World War I from Będzin

He received his PhD at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). There he also joined Union of Active Struggle, which he became an instructor of in 1913.

When the First World War broke out he arrived in Cracow and on 17. September 1914 he joined 5 (3) Regiment of Infantry of the Polish Legions as a Sergeant. He was wounded in the battle of Krzywopłoty against the Russians (17-19. September 1914). When he refused to swear allegiance to the German Kaiser he was arrested and interned in a camp in Benjaminów, and later transported to Łomża, where he became a commander of a group Polish Legions members interned there, among others a vice-president of Będzin Teofil Goc. When in November 1918 German military forces were being disarmed he became a deputy of a commander of Będzin. In 1920 he fought in Polish-Soviet War.

He was decorated with a Cross of Valour and Cross of Independence. He lived in the vicinity of the Synagogue of Będzin.