born 14. October 1838 / 25 tiszrei 5599, Będzin
died 20. February 1910, Sochaczew
rabbi from Będzin, founder and the first tzadik of the Chasidic dynasty of Sochaczew 

Gaon Avrohom (Avremele) known as Awnej Nezer was a son of Wolf Nachum – future rabbi of Biała in Podlasie. In 1849 his family moved to Olkusz, where his father became a rabbi. At the age of 14 he married Sura Cyna – a daughter of rabbi Kock – Menachem Mendel Morgensztern, at whose house he then studied the Torah and Chasidism. In 1862 he became a rabbi in Parczew and later, in 1866, in Krośniewice, in 1876 in Nasielsk and in 1883 in Sochaczew, where he founded a Chasidic synagogue and a yeshiva. 

In 1870 he became a Chasidic rabbi of Aleksandrów. Persecuted by the Tsar authorities he was forced to resign around the year 1884. Since that time he was a tzadik and a manager of a yeshiva. In 1903 he married Mirel, a daughter of gaon Mosze Natan Szapiro, the head of a rabbi court in Kozienice. He is buried on an ohel in Sochaczew. He was the author of many manuscripts about the Old Testament and the Talmud. In 1905 and 1912 his Talmudic treaties Avnei Nezer („Stones of the Crown”) and Egley Tal