born 3 March 1922, Będzin
lived in Będzin, ul. Boczna 3, pl. 3 Maja 8 / Israel
witness of history, prisoner of concentration camps 

He came from a poor family. Their house near the St. Trinity church burned down on 9. September 1939, when the Nazis set fire to the nearby synagogue with people praying inside. When Icek and others were fleeing the synagogue in the direction of the church he was shot in the arm. Ks. Mieczyslaw Zawadzki allowed them to escape through the grounds of the church, and dressed Icek’s wound. Germany blamed the Poles with the arson and the Jews who lost their belongings were offered replacement housing (the Turners also received such apartment). Wounded Icek was helped in the hospital by Tadeusz Kosibowicz (1893-1971), who was hiding him, risking his own life (for helping Jews in May 1940 he was sent to a camp in Dachau). Turner reported Kosibowicz to the Righteous Among the Nations medal. 

Icek as a strong young man was sent to forced labor, which allowed to survive the war. He was liberated in 1945 and soon immigrated to Palestine. His history was in 2008, by Władyslaw Śliwoń in his book “Children of Jacob. 12 selected from the Chosen People”.