Renovation of plaque from former Będzin ghetto

tablica stara 1947.

We are very proud to announce that yesterday – 9th of March 2017, memorial plaque from the building at Podsiały 24 in Bedzin has returned on the wall after restoration.

The plaque was mounted on September 1947 at the place of the bunker of the Jewish resistance in Bedzin getto where young people from Dror and Poalei Sion C.S. organizations had tragically died during the liquidation of the ghetto. This year is 70th anniversary of the foundation of that memorial plaque.

The process of restoration was extremely difficult due to the bad condition of the stone. First, with the help of Szymon Modrzejewski and Olga Solarz from Magurycz, stone was gently removed from the wall of the building, it’s broken corner was fixed and the whole stone was strengthened with a special chemicals. Finally the whole inscription was carefully scanned and reconstructed by Marek Sączewski – stone craftsman.

The entire renovation work was carried out on the initiative and funds of the Brama Cukermana Foundation.

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