born 5. December 1834, Będzin
died 10. November 1909, Będzin

industrialist from Małobądz

For 8 years he was the owner of a large factory of vegetable oils and fats „J. D. Potok” in Małobądz which he had bought in 1901 from German colonists P. Strala and K. Krins. It was the only company in Poland producing castor, palm and coconut oil. It also produced linseed and rapeseed oil, famous kitchen oil „Potok” and since 1913 frying, cooking and baking spread „Potokol” as well as vegetable margarine „Potokana”. J.D. Potok took part in the great Exhibition of Industry and Agriculture in Częstochowa (5 VIII-3 X 1909) as one of the 750 exhibitors.

After his death, his sons expanded and modernized the company. In 1912 they transformed it into a joint stock company from the 30s known as a factory Oils and Vegetable Fats Factory I.D. Potok & Sons, Joint Stock Company, Będzin-Małobądz. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Potok’s heirs were among the largest estate owners and biggest taxpayers in Będzin .

The „Brama Cukermana” Foundation maintains contact with Anna Trachtenherz from Sweden, a great-great-granddaughter of J.D. Potok.

photo: Potok family