born ca. 1760, Sławków
died 1843 (5603), Będzin
rabbi – miracle maker, known for his devotion to Poland

After graduating from Rabbi School in Kazimierz near Cracow he allegedly became a rabbi in Będzin in 1790. He organized financial support for the Kościuszko Uprising (1794), collecting donations from the Jews of the Będzin region. He transported the funds personally to Kościuszko to Cracow. From 1807 to 1809 he organized support for the Polish national army and in 1830 he backed the November Uprising. He was arrested in Wroclaw by Prussian authorities for his pro-Polish declarations. He met with Adam Mickiewicz several times, who was deeply impressed by both his eruditeness as well as his patriotism. It is probable that the character of Jankiel in “Sir Thaddeus” (Pan Tadeusz) was partially based on Jakub Natan. He had a reputation of a miracle maker.

On the kirkut in Podzamcze Street in Będzin his mazewa (tombstone) is engraved with a Polish eagle in recognition of his merits for Poland. A fragment of this mazewa is also