born 29 July 1927, Berlin
died 1998, Israel
lived in Berlin / Będzin / Haifa (Israel)
Israeli graphic artist, survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau 

She belonged to Bejtar – the right-wing Zionist youth movement. In 1938 her family, forced to leave Germany, moved to relatives in Będzin. During the liquidation of the ghetto in August 1943 Ella and her family hid for 6 weeks in a „bunker” under a dumpster. On 13. January 1944 they were deported to Auschwitz, where her mother got a job in a munitions factory. Because Ella drew well she was asked by the Germans to portrait their relatives. After the deportation death march she reached the Ravensbrück on 2. February 1945, and after 6 weeks was interned in a camp Neustadt-Glove. She was released on 2.May 1945. In Bydgoszcz she met her future husband – an officer Emmanuel Shiber. On 23. May 1946 they went to a refugee camp near Munich. In May 1947 the ship, which was to take them to Palestine was interned in Cyprus. To Israel (Haifa) they came in 1948. Ella created a series of 93 drawings depicting the horrors of war. In 1979-1983 she studied art.