From the beginning of the year 2020, we tare working on the website dedicated to the Jewish cemetery in Czeladź. The site is a simple and modern search for graves located in the cemetery. There are about 3000 gravestones there.

It is worth visiting this beautiful cemetery, perfectly restored in the 1980s by Moniek Stawski and well maintained by the City of Czeladź. This is the largest Jewish cemetery in Zaglembie.
The keys to the gate are in the former pre-funeral house.

For those who are interested, we recommend this great database with information about the history of Czeladź and Będzin Jews.

The site was created thanks to the Stawski family (Naomi Altholz Stawski), who come from Czeladź.
Materials prepared by Jeffrey Cymbler were used to prepare the search.
The site is made available by the City of Czeladź.