where you can buy “Jewish Żarki. Lost photographs”

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Album of Brama Cukermana Foundation Jewish Żarki. Lost photographs with unique a collection of unpublished photos Jozef Bacior is already on sale.

The album includes texts:
-Karolina and Piotr Jakoweńko – Preface from publisher (story of collection of photos)
-Jacek Leociak – Foreword (about the importance of photography as a document of Holocaust)
– Fragments of Kehilat Żarki and other memories – Jowita Bożek
– Texts of memoirs by Robert Bacior (son of Józef Bacior), Wojciech Mszyca and memories of Menashe Opler

The album was released in Polish and English and contains over 300 photographs. The entire collection is over 600 images. We hope that in the future pictures will be displayed at the exhibition.

Places where you can purchase the album:
– Warsaw: Jewish Historical Institute (bookstore, Tłomackie 3/5 str.)

 – Krakow: bookstore Austeria (Joseph 38 str.), Jarden (Miodowa 41 str.), Galicia Jewish Museum (Dajwór 18 str.)
 -Gliwice: Kafka bookstore (Wieczorka 11 str.)
-Warsaw, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (bookstore, Anielewicza 6 str.)
-Żarki, Museum of Old Craft (Old Mill, Ofiar Katynia 5 str.)

and writing to our e-mail: bramacukermana@gmail.com

Publication is co-financed by Marshal’s Office of Silesian Region and Town and Borough of Żarki

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